So, we, the aquabats, got stuck in a time machine and went to the future! Apparently the earth is too dirty to be inhabited, so everyone is on the moon. Also, we were for some reason popular! So we had a good concert, and the audience literally cried when we stopped!


  1. Captain Hampton!
  2. Fashion Zombies!
  3. Poppin' a Wheelie!
  4. Meltdown!
  5. Demolition Rickshaw!
  6. Awesome Forces!
  7. Pizza Day!
  8. Playdough!
  9. Super Rad!
  10. Showtime!
  11. Burger Rain!
  12. Song 2 (cover Blur)
  13. Mechanical Ape!
  14. Its Crazy, Man!
  15. Freedom of Choice (cover Devo)
  16. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (cover Taylor Swift)
  17. Showtime!
  18. We don't stop! (This song took us an entire 15 minutes!)
  19. Giant-Robot Birdhead!
  20. The Good Life!
  21. Tarantula! (encore)
  22. Tiger Rider vs. Time Sprinkler! (encore)
  23. The Cat With Two Heads! (encore)
  24. Open The Worm! (encore)
  25. CD Repo Man! (encore)
  26. Red Sweater! (encore)
  27. Wingin' It! (encore)
  28. Antimatter! (double encore)
  29. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love (cover Outfield) (double encore)
  30. Pool Party! (double encore)
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